CollectorTethers com-orange-logo-outlined-300dpi-165cCollectorTethers.com™ is committed to paying back the racers.  Collector Tethers™ have posted contingency at all NHRA Lucas Oil Divisional Events, all 7 NHRA ET Finals, Autometer Northern Class Nationals, NHRA Div3 Super Quick Events, SoCal Pro Gas Events and all $10,000 and up Bracket Races.

Don't be fooled by cheaper designed header tethers. Collector Tethers™ header tethers are the Original Patent Pending design which has become the standard others are imitating.

Our header tethers use a 5/32" Stainless Steel cable and smooth aluminum marking sleeve that won't scratch up your expensive headers unlike others stamped steel tags and include 100% Stainless Steel clamps.  Custom compact designed eyes that certify to 2400lbs are used on our Premium Collector Tethers™

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