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FLO-FAST drag racing fuel pumpsThe Flo-Fast system is an ideal tool for all racers and many uses. Flo-Fast will pump or draw fluid at a rate of 5 gallons per minute and can pump oil, transmission fluid, anti-freeze, alcohol, gas, nitro, etc.

Flo Fast drag race fuel pump systemFlo-Fast was developed by a racer and is a necessity for any racer who has fuel cells in tough to reach places.  Most race cars are purpose built, therefore the fuel cells are protected and many times they're in a very tough spot for a conventional funnel to reach. The system was invented for a Formula V Race Car fuel cell and for those of you who know, you can appreciate the problems that occured trying to fuel such a complicated race car. Being that FLO-FAST will PUMP or DRAW at the same rate of 5 gallon per minute, racers can simply put the hose into a barrel and rotate counterclockwise and pull fluid out of the barrel into their jugs. Then walk or cart your jug over to your car and pump clockwise and you will dispense 5 gallons per minute.

Flo-Fast is the simplest, easiest and safest product on the market for transferring racing fluids.  Once you try Flo-Fast for the first time, you'll be thrilled and will never go back to awkward funnels and pours.

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