FB logo no bg 5 inIf you're looking for a valve adjusting wrench, Full-Bore has you covered. Full-Bore's Valve Lash Wrench makes life much easier, at least when you're adjusting your valves. How many times have you needed three hands to do the job? The high quality Full-Bore E-Z Wrench is made to last a lifetime. It's investment cast in 17-4 stainless steel and heat treated, then ball burnished to a satin finish.

Full-Bore Race Products has come up with an inexpensive set of feeler gauge handles to compliment our E-Z Wrench Valve Adjuster Tool. Each set comes with 2 handles, one marked "EX" (exhaust) and the other "IN" (intake). Put your own feeler gauge blades in the handles according to your cam manufacturer's specifications and they will always be ready when you are!

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2005 LucasOilDRS 250
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