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From Jr. Dragsters to Motorcycles to Alcohol Cars, we have the equipment and knowledge to mount and balance your race tires and meet your needs.

Whether we're using one of our two rim clamp machines, our specially built race tire changer; the state of the art Snap-on balance machine or balancing your motorcycle tires, we can get the job done correctly. We even have a Coats machine to balance your spindle mount front wheels.

And of course, we can handle your trailer and tow vehicle tire/wheels as well.


  • Removal and installation of all rim screws
  • Proper torque on bead lock wheel assemblies


We are not responsible for damage to, or out of round, or bent wheels. We do not remove or install tire/wheels on vehicles.


  • Rear Tire Dismount/Mount and Balance  -  $25.00
  • Front Tire Dismount/Mount and Balance  -  $25.00
  • Spindle Mount Front Tire Dismount/Mount and Balance  -  $30.00
  • Dismount/Mount Only Front or Rear  -  $20.00
  • Balance Front or Rear Only  -  $20.00
  • Balance Spindle Mount Only  -  $25.00
  • Chrome Valve Stem Installed (with Tire Installation)  -  $12.00
  • OTHER BRANDS: Dismounting/Mounting/Balancing plus  -  $5.00 each to Above Prices
  • WE DO NOT DRILL OR ENLARGEN VALVE STEM HOLES IN WHEELS. ***We assume no liabilities for a wheel that has been modified in anyway***


Mounting/Balancing of Non-Race Tires, call for quote.