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Our Goodyear Race Tire prices are set by the manufacturer and are competitive with the major mail order warehouses once they "ADD ON THE EXTRA CHARGES". The big differences are you will always receive matched sets and fresh inventory as well as our hands on experience. We not only attend the Division 6 LUCAS OIL Races but most major events in Oregon, Washington and Idaho. Check out our Event Schedule on the menu.

Depending on the event generally we will have 220+ tires on site.

We do however suggest ordering in advance to guarantee delivery and to schedule mounting/balancing services. Also on board our SALES and SERVICE Trailer is a inventory of assorted race trailer tires, custom wheels and tow vehicle tires as well. Here again we recommend calling in advance for these needs.

Check out our other products that will be at the races as well under TRAILER NEEDS and PRODUCTS menu. There you will find products from LUCAS OIL, K&R Performance, DRE Engine Diapers, Meziere, Just-n-Time Button, Collector Tethers, Longacres Racing Products, Dewzen, FLO-FAST just to mention a few. As are the tires, these products are competitively priced, convenient and in stock.